Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Peer Assessment of Shyam's group

The concept of the campaign- Cruelty to Children MUST Stop FULL STOP- is amazing. However, this is already a campaign by the NSPCC. It could have been more effective if either had put made their own or if it had a more specific aim (for example, to make people report any abuse they see) The idea of saying stop cruelty is just too big to do in one campaign. The leaflet is good because it contains features that make a leaflet good such as a personal story. Despite this, we believe that the personal story was very simple and needed more description. Also the facts are good but there is too many therefore it isn’t well balanced out with other techniques. We thought the TV advert was very emotive because of the choice of music and also it was descriptive. To make it even better, the group could have made the advert shorter because five minutes would cost a lot to air and, honestly, would bore people. It also needed to be slightly less informative and focus on using their own pictures and videos rather than a current NSPCC advert. Overall, we think this pitch should be excellent after a few tweaks. It should contain all that we have written above and then it would be very persuasive and make people want to donate. We think that the most effective pitch was not this one. It was Jordan’s group’s one because it was extremely informative of the techniques and it was a decent advert too.


Shyam said...

i agree that the persnal story needed more info but i dont understand how the campaign could be more effective by using a different one. also we didn't say our tv ad was 5 mins long, but we would have made sure it was 1 min max. and for the leaflet, i think leaflets should have more info because people need to know about what your charity is/does. of course it couldn't be balanced out with other techniques because we thought the leaflet had to have facts, statistics and text about the charity.